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Website: www.tabernaclechurch.com  E-mail: tbc@mtcnet.net

Pastor Bryan Anderson, Pastor of Leadership

Pastor Ryan Schultz, Pastor of Student Ministries

Stan Korthals, Pastor of Discipleship

Pastor Oryn Meinerts, Senior Adult Ministries

Eldon Johnson, Ministries’ Facilitator

August 12, 2018

No Sunday School through September 2.

One Worship Service at 9:30 AM

Opening Songs Worship Team
Opening Prayer Don Klein
Scripture: Revelation 21:1-6 Don Klein
Song Worship Team
Announcements Pastor Bryan Anderson
Special Music Tim Mauldin
Message: Fool Proof, Proverbs 5:15-23 Pastor Bryan Anderson
General Fund Offering Offertory by Amanda Henning
Reprise Worship Team

There will be no Evening Worship Service

8/12 Infant: Dorothy K, Pattie H 8/19 Infant: Charry K, Lora T
        Toddler: Holly S, Claire K         Toddler: Amanda S, Kally M
         & Hannah A          & Emersyn N
Aaron Van Bruggen
8/12 Joe Anderson 8/19 Mason Burg
Coffee Ministry
8/12 Bart & Kris Kannegieter 8/19 Deric & Amber Den Hartog
Welcome Table
8/12 Kevin & Kim TenHaken 8/19 Curt & Jobie Marco

Save the date: August 19 at 7:00 pm. At that time, there will be a celebration of praise at Tabernacle Baptist Church, George, featuring a mini concert by the Ladies Quartet from Boyden and George and music by the Bonglack family from Cameroon, thanking the Lord for 50 years of marriage by Oryn and Pat Meinerts.  There will refreshments served afterwards.  If you are not able to attend & want to send a greeting, their address is: Box 385, George, IA  51237.


Today 8:00 PM Matrix Leaders Kickoff at Pastor Ryan’s house
Wednesday 11:00 AM Adult Bible Study & Potluck
  8:00 PM Matrix Leaders Kickoff at Pastor Ryan’s house
Next Sunday 7:00 PM Pastor Oryn & Pat Meinerts’ 50th Ann. Celebration



(Continuing needs are included on our Wednesday Prayerlist)

Jared Kannegieter, 16 yr. old son of Bart & Kris Kannegieter had surgery last week. He is doing well and has had little to no pain which is amazing! Thanks for all the prayers as he continues to heal!

8/12 Gabriel Onken 8/15 Heather Grafing
        Eli Vande Hoef         Laryl Koerselman
8/13 Jackson Blankers         Stefanie Van Ess
        Darryl Huls 8/18 Ardell Niemeyer
8/14 Rochelle Van Loh         Zoe Bendt
8/15 Alek Aeikens (20)  
8/15 Bob & Sara Klingenberg (20) 8/18 Ryan & Sharla Klingenberg
        Gene & Lynn Modder         Mike & Kara Honkomp
         Dale & Bonnie Winkowitsch         Randy & Misty Arends
8/17 Nate & Shari Voss  


AWANA Workers/Leaders & Matrix Youth Leaders/Workers are invited to come for the Pizza Party at the church on Wednesday evening, August 29. We will plan to eat at 6:30 p.m. There will be childcare provided. We will plan to be finished with the evening by 8:30 p.m.

Save the Date:  Awana & Matrix will begin on September 5, 2018.

We would like to thank everyone who remembered us with prayers and cards during the loss of our mother.                                                                         Ken and Carol Beyer  Gerald and Janet Dirks

Please take a moment and pray for one of our

Tabernacle Boards.

 Mission Board:

Marianne Cole Bev De Young Sharon Kampman
Reid Kooiker Kim TenHaken Art Van Bruggen


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