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Website: www.tabernaclechurch.com  E-mail: tbc@mtcnet.net

Pastor Bryan Anderson, Pastor of Leadership

Pastor Ryan Schultz, Pastor of Student Ministries

Stan Korthals, Pastor of Discipleship

Pastor Oryn Meinerts, Senior Adult Ministries

Eldon Johnson, Ministries’ Facilitator

January 20, 2019

Sunday School Children: 9:45 AM; Adult 10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship:  1st Service 8:30 AM; 2nd Service 10:45 AM


Opening Hymn #443 :The Solid Rock” Tim Mauldin
Opening Prayer Kirk Peters
Scripture:  Psalm 139:1-6, 13-16 Kirk Peters
Choir Directed by Tim Mauldin
Hymn #245 “And Can It Be That I Should Gain?” Tim Mauldin
Announcements & Pastoral Prayer Pastor Bryan Anderson
General Fund Offering Offertory by Kristi Donaker
Message:  “Sacrosanctity of Life”  Jeremiah 1:4-10 Pastor Bryan Anderson
Closing Hymn – Doxology Tim Mauldin


Come join us today for our Church’s Annual Business Meeting beginning with our traditional Soup & Pie Lunch at 12:00 noon followed by the meeting around 1:00 PM.  We are asking A-L to bring chili or chicken soup and M-Z to bring pie.  Please heat your soup before bringing it in.  Don’t miss it.  Group 2 will be serving the meal.


1/20 Infant: Amanda S, Kally M 1/27 Infant: Angela DB, Claire K
        Toddler: Rebecca D, Olivia J         Toddler: Mary S, Chloe S
        S.S: Sarah J, Mary DW         S.S: Jill M Lori DJ
        2nd: Sharon W, Brynn K         2nd: Polly T, Mia H
Aaron Van Bruggen
1/20 Hannah Anderson 1/27 Reid Vande Stroet
Coffee Ministry
1/20 Glenn & Darcy Eben 1/27 Mike & Andrea Johnson
        Bart & Kris Kannegieter         Todd R & Trisha H
Visitor Table
1/20 Curt & Jobie Marco 1/27 Wendell & Sharon Kampman
        Jason & Jessica Hieronimus         Ardell & Colleen Niemeyer
1/23 Kala H & Amber DH 1/30 Natalie K & Shawna H



Last Sunday

General $13,185.00; Building $550.00; Mission $2,976.00; Attendance: AM 407

Cubbies 25 Sparks 58 T & T 83 Matrix 113 Women’s Bible Study 11

Total 290



Today Sanctity of Life Sunday
  12:00 PM Soup & Pie Lunch and 1:00 Annual Meeting
Wednesday 11:00 AM Adult Bible Study & Potluck
    4:00 PM Women’s Bible Study
    7:00 PM AWANA/Matrix Ministries
    7:00 PM Women’s Bible Study
Next Sunday 5:00 PM CE Meeting
  Life Groups



(Continuing needs are included on our Wednesday Prayerlist)

Steve Hibma of Hartley needs our prayers as he begins his cancer journey.

Gladys Kannegieter of George has come home after a hospital stay.

Dominique Kooiker had a good checkup after her jaw surgery.  Please continue to pray that healing will take place.

Doug Lenz of George is back home.  Please continue to pray for renewed strength for him.

Jobie Marco of Sibley had knee replacement surgery, but has experienced some complications.  Please keep her in your prayers.


1/20 Hudsyn Bechler (10) 1/24 David Aeikens
        Jada Carlson (20)         Dillion Thies
        Karie Aeikens         Marc Krull
1/21 Carmen Garcia 1/25 Gerrit De Groot
        Will Hamilton         Jacob Altena
1/23 John Thomas Donaker 1/27 Marvin Johnson


This Sunday is Sanctity of Life Sunday.  As in the past, we will be taking a second offering for Alpha Center, Vital Signs Ministries, Katelyn’s Fund and Cherish House.


Art and Nancy Van Bruggen are thrilled to announce the birth of their 12th grandchild. Silas Dean Winkel was born November 19, 2018 to Nathan and Laura Winkel of Iowa City. Silas weighed 7 lbs. 9 oz. He is joining his 2 year old brother, Rowan John at home. Praise God for new life!


Attention ladies:  It's that time of year to sign up for Secret Sis!  Papers will be available on the foyer bulletin board.  We would like papers back by January 27 in Mailbox #9 and you will have the new name by February 3.


There is a Lost & Found table in the foyer filled with things that belong in your home.  Would you take a minute and check to see if you recognize anything.  This table will be up for one more week and then the remainder will go to Goodwill.



Advent of the Savior  taught by Ken Beyer & Walter Vust Room 203
Tough Questions taught by Roger Lamfers Room 307
Marriage 102—Building a Kingdom Marriage taught by Stan Korthals Room 308
Old Testament taught by Pastor Bryan Anderson & Don Kramer Room 300
College & Career; Role of the Holy Spirit in our Lives taught by Pastor Ryan Room 310



Please be in prayer for our cable ministry as it goes out in these cities each week.  Let your family and friends know.  It may make a difference for eternity.

Town Day of week Time TV Channel
George Sunday 1:00 PM Ch. 77
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Boyden Sunday 4:00 PM Ch. 12
Wednesday 7:00 PM
Little Rock Sunday 3:00 PM Ch. 12
Wednesday 7:30 PM
Rock Rapids Thursday 7:00 PM Ch. 12
Ellsworth Thursday 2:00 PM Ch. 3
Sheldon Thursday 7:00 PM Ch. 3
Sibley Thursday 7:00 PM Ch. 3
Hospers Thursday 7:00 PM Ch. 3
Ashton Thursday 7:00 PM Ch. 3
Ocheyedan Thursday 7:00 PM Ch. 3




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