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Website: www.tabernaclechurch.com  E-mail: tbc@mtcnet.net

Pastor Bryan Anderson, Pastor of Leadership

Pastor Ryan Schultz, Pastor of Student Ministries

Stan Korthals, Pastor of Discipleship

Pastor Oryn Meinerts, Senior Adult Ministries

Eldon Johnson, Ministries’ Facilitator

September 23, 2018

Sunday School Children: 9:45 AM; Adult 10:00 AM

Sunday Morning Worship:  1st Service 8:30 AM; 2nd Service 10:45 AM


Opening Hymn #432 “Faith is the Victory” Tim Mauldin
Opening Prayer Stan Korthals
Scripture: Romans 12:1-11 Stan Korthals
Choir Directed by Tim Mauldin
Hymn #440 “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” Tim Mauldin
Announcements Pastor Bryan Anderson
General Fund Offering Offertory by Amanda Henning
Special Music Dominique Kooiker
Message: “We Believe” Part 3, Romans 12 Pastor Bryan Anderson
Closing Hymn #380 “Take My Life” Tim Mauldin


Life Groups


9/23 Infant: Jill K, Patty H 9/30 Infant: Dorothy K, Bev DY
        Toddler: Jill N, Emersyn N         Toddler: Angela DB, Jill M
        S.S: Charry K, Virginia M         S.S: Lori VL, Taylor C
        2nd: Sheri S, Emma S         2nd : Holly S, Claire K
Aaron Van Bruggen
9/23 Ben Anderson 9/30 Ian Van Grootheest
Coffee Ministry
9/23 Glenn & Darcy Eben 9/30 Amanda H & Brenda S.
        Bart & Kris Kanengieter         Jobie Marco & Angie Carlson
Visitor Table
9/23 Ben & Karie Aeikens 9/30 Dave & Bev De Younge
        Al & Steph Kannegieter         Tom & Marianne Cole
9/26 Jody K & Amber DH 10/3 Kala Hartog/Kara Honkomp


Last Week

General $6,690.14; Building $2,120.00; Mission $156.00

Attendance:  AM 390

Cubbies 26, Sparks 50, T & T 78, Matrix 134 TOTAL 288


Check the foyer bulletin board for community announcements & information.



Today Life Groups
Wednesday 11:00 AM Adult Bible Study & Potluck
    4:00 PM Women’s Bible Study
    7:00 PM AWANA/Matrix Ministries
    7:00 PM Women’s Bible Study
Thursday   8:15 AM S.H.O.P. at Justice for All, Rock Valley
Next Sunday Building Fund Offering



(Continuing needs are included on our Wednesday Prayerlist)

Art Van Bruggen of Sheldon had an accident this past week.  He was released from the hospital on Thursday afternoon.  Please continue to pray for complete healing.

Gaye Kammerer of Primghar had back surgery on Monday.  She was able to come home on Thursday.  Please pray for healing and renewed strength.

Ginger Nobles of Sibley had reconstructive surgery on Tuesday.  She’s recuperating at home.

Jill Kruse of Ellsworth had surgery on her knee.  She cannot bear any weight on that leg for 6 weeks.  Please pray for healing and patience.


9/23 Brady Grafing 9/28 Cesar Gonzalez
        Gaye Kammerer         Charry Klein
        Matt Tracy 9/29 Kally Modder (15)
        Nancy Van Bruggen         Elton Rust
        Jeremy Eben 9/30 Ryan Kock
9/24 Angie Johnson         Pastor Leland Paulson
        Bev De Younge         Andy Onken
        Reid Vande Stroet         Gretchen Stratman (10)
9/26 Tracy Weidner         Art Van Bruggen
9/27 Daryl Klaassen         Emily Vander Veen
9/28 Gerald Dirks  
9/25 Keith & Augusta Hansman 9/29 Eldon & Bea Johnson
9/28 Aaron & Erin Boll (5)  


Next Sunday, September 30, we will be taking a special Building Fund Offering.


To AWANA Parents: On Wednesday, September 26, we are thrilled to have Emily Ostrander, the Lyon County Naturalist, visit the Awana Club, talking about turtles.  This will be the Awana “Critter Commotion,” when everyone is invited to bring a toy stuffed animal.  You may want to put your clubber’s name on the toy stuffed animal so that it may be returned if forgotten or misplaced during club.  Clubbers are also encouraged to bring visitors.


New Discipleship Class beginning today at 10:00 AM:

Christian Thought—How can you say there is only one way to God?  What gives you the right to tell me how to live my life?  Why does God allow suffering?  We’ll examine these and other questions from Tim Keller’s book “The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism”.  Class will meet for six weeks: September 23rd through October 28th.  Steve Hibma will be leading this class in Room 309.


Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me with cards, prayers, visits, rides and so many other kind things as I’ve gone through my health problems.  God bless you all.                               Lorraine Kramer


Thank you for each and every one that sent cards, prayers, brought in food and helped in any way while we’ve had our struggles.  We’re thankful most of all for God’s healing power in our lives.  Brian & Jill Kruse


Attention: Parents of smaller children:  During the first service, we have the infant nursery on the south end of the fellowship hall staffed and the toddler nursery at the north end of the education wing hallway also staffed.  The infant nursery is for children up to 18 months and the toddler nursery is from age 18 months to 3 years of age (this age is always at the parent’s discretion).  During the SS hour, we have staffed infant nursery and during the 2nd service, we have staffed infant and toddler nursery together in the same nursery at the north end of the education wing hallway.  The nursery is for staffed people and small children only.


Haiti mission trip dates for next year 2019 will be January 11-18. We are returning to Tytoo orphanage and school and will be helping to construct rafters for a new computer lab at the school.  We have a block of tickets being held at Travel Advantage in Sioux Center.  Ticket price is held at $727 plus the taxes of $160.81.  This ticket price is guaranteed through October 10.  You can contact Amber Koll at Travel Advantage or Deric and Amber Den Hartog.  Space is limited–there are currently 10 spots available.  Also heads up–we will have some fundraising projects coming up.



Old Testament Characters taught by Ken Beyer & Walter Vust Room 203
Tough Questions taught by Roger Lamfers Room 307
Marriage 102—Building a Kingdom Marriage taught by Stan Korthals Room 308
Old Testament taught by Pastor Bryan Anderson & Don Kramer Room 300
The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism  taught by Steve Hibma Room 309
College & Career; Roll of the Holy Spirit in our Lives taught by Pastor Ryan Room 310


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