Tabernacle Baptist Church


January 10, 2018


Local Nursing Homes Local Nursing Homes
Nell Bruns-Good Samaritan Center Ethel Boone-Lyon Manor, Rock Rapids
  Ervin Backer-Country View Manor, Sibley


Servicemen & Women from TBC families:


Brett Carstensen Ben Conaway Troy De Berg Silas Grosch Jeremy Heyer
Daniel Kramer Jesse Kramer Matt Tracy Matt Van Otterloo Cameron Vanden Brink


Continuing Health Needs:


Matt Van Roekel, Zach Voss, Ezra Onken, Dorothy Vust, Aaron Van Bruggen, Helene Niemeyer, Bill Carstensen

Jed Winkel, Becky MacKay, Denny Kruger, Stacy Denekas, Arlys Nagel, Joey Harmon, Lois Lafrenz, Marvin Johnson

Quinten, Jody Dennis, Rodney Kramer, Ted & Kathy Hemmig, John Estes, Richard Swacker, Phyllis Vanden Brink


Surgeries, Broken Bones, Hospitalization & Therapy:

Wanda Koger, Perry Raman, Trenton Bass, Pastor Marv Kanengieter, Shari Voss, Elton (Mike) Rust, Pastor Dale Phelps

Andrea Dixon, Lorraine Kramer, Richard Swacker, Bev Haspels, Larry (Tiny) Nagel, Brent Vaas

Harris Mulder, Wanda Johnson, Jeff Johnson



Bart Kannegieter of George will be having total hip replacement surgery on Thursday in Sioux Falls.  He will be staying overnight because he is diabetic.

Caleb Kramer, 18-yr. old son of Don & Jody Kramer will be having serious neck fusion surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester on Friday.  He hopes to be released on Saturday.

Roger Lamfers of rural George will be having total hip replacement surgery on Monday.  Please pray for everything to go without complications–he also has diabetes.

Aletha Brown of George had her chemo treatment last week.  Please keep her and Moby in your prayers for safety as they travel in this cold weather and also that the medicine would be effective.

Frances Harms of George—our family would appreciate your continued prayers for our Mom at this time.

Marilyn Maurer had wrist surgery last week.  After a lot of pain and discomfort, she finally found a pain med that provides a little relief. Follow-up appointment and removal of stitches will be on Thursday, then another two weeks of immobility before starting physical therapy. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers.

Ron Vanden Bosch of Hull, father of Kris & Bart Kannegieter had surgery last week.  He is still in the hospital because his blood is too thin.  He is doing well, feels good and is walking great.  He hopes to come home today.  Thanks for your prayers.

Jessica Hieronimus of Rushmore continues her journey with cancer.  Please pray for her treatments to be effective and complete healing can take place.

Jodi Dennis of Arizona, cousin of Mavis Henning needs our prayers as she continues her journey with cancer.


Our Missionaries
Jim & Shari Ardill Samweli with Gospel Link Ron & Donna Pontier
Asian School of Evangelism Roy and Emily Guerard Jason & Connie Risser
AWANA Adopt-a-Clubs Jeremy & Trina Hamilton Gozié & Sherri Schneidermann-Koné
AWANA-Ron Glynn Kevin & Lisa Lewis Shetek Baptist Camp
Jon & Christine Banke Harlan & Pat Moss Ken & Lori Stucky
Dwight & Diana Brown Poland Evangelical Mission LaVeryl & Maxine Voss


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