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This Week with Pastor Bryan

questionsanswersThis Week at the TAB we will tackling your questions.  Thanks for the overwhelming response!  Below are the 5 we will be addressing. 


  1. “Prior to the building of The Grand Fall Casino, you did a series opposing gambling. A few years later, the sky hasn’t fallen and many, many positive community programs have benefited, I wondered if you have changed your mind?”


  1. “Why did God give us the 10 Commandments? Why not 15, 20? What’s the purpose of the commandments today. It seems in my interactions with friends, they feel keeping the commandments will get them into heaven. Help me understand their current place in the era of the Church.”


  1. Philippians talks about joy in serving, suffering, believing, ect. In other words I think he is telling us to being joyful. Does positive thinking and joy go hand in hand? It seems like I hear about positive thinking a lot from many preachers.”


  1. “I grew up Reformed where infants were baptized as “into the Covenant”. My husband grew up Catholic where infants were baptized to erase “original sin”. Here, I’ve seen infants ‘Dedicated’ without water but later immersed at a lake. I heard you share last summer but honestly I didn’t get it. What’s the difference? My parents and in-laws ask similar questions and with the holidays coming up, I know it may come up again.”


  1. I grew up in a very legalistic family, church, and community. I know in my head I have Eternal Life but in my heart I feel like I can never do enough to earn God’s favor. I know it’s not true but I feel I am not good enough and probably will never be good enough. How do I go forward and live in the grace of Jesus without slipping back into my old patterns of legalistic thinking (guilt, shame)?


See You Sunday – P. Bryan

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